A cycle of three Conferences to develop a Model Ukraine or Model for Ukraine as envisioned by the Alumni of the CUPP Program who have completed an internship in the Canadian Parliament of from one year to 3 months, have earned a graduate Degree at a Western University and who may currently be working in the West.

The First Conference will take place in Washington DC and will focus on the individual, identity, rights and responsibilities in a Model Ukraine.

The Second Conference will take place in Ottawa, Ontario on October, 2010 and will focus on the State, its electoral system, its integration into the Euro-Atlantic Community and its relations with the EU, Russia and the USA. The Third Conference will take place in Kyiv in November 2011 and will focus on combining the deliberations of the first two conferences to create a Model.

Kyiv 2012
On November 23 beginning at Kyiv Mohyla University and November 24 also at KMU
Lviv 2014
Lviv Model Ukraine Conference
Lviv 2014 Conference Poster
Lviv 2014 Conference Poster
Conferences Reports