Lviv Model Ukraine Conference


The Canada Ukraine Parliamentary Program Directory and CUPP Alumni Association in partnership with Ukrainian Catholic University announce Lviv Model Ukraine Conference which will take place at Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv.

Main 2014 topic: "UKRAINE. A Future in a Neigbourhood of Civil and Uncivil Societies".
Address of the conference venue: Lviv, Kozelnytska str. 2a (trapezna/conference hall)
Event date: November 29-30, 2014
Model Ukraine Conferences were established in 2010 to promote among the youth/university students & graduates the common interests and values, namely democracy and democratic governance as practiced in western democracies, the rule of law, respect for human rights, elimination of corruption and corrupt practices, and social cohesion.`
This is a 6th CUPP conference. Previous Model Ukraine Conferences have been held at George WASHINGTON University 2010, University of OTTAWA 2010, University of OXFORD 2011, KYIV-Mohyla University 2012, and Government Conference Centre, OTTAWA 2013. 
The Lviv Model Ukraine Conference is organized to continue to develop a new model of governance for Ukraine, by bringing together experts in democracy building field to share this expertise with the youth and university students of Ukraine. Knowledgeable specialists of the first post-maidan Conference will mainly focus on the discussion of Ukraine’s current predicament and ability to maintain its territorial integrity in a dangerous world.
Please come back and check our website starting from November 1st, 2014 to get the latest update in the conference program!


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